Table Needs lets you order, request service and pay or split your bill all from your phone at the table. All you have to do is scan a QR code to get started. But how can we help your business be more successful? Check out our top 5 reasons below.

5 Reasons your Restaurant Needs Table Needs

1. Staying Safe and Sanitary

With current Covid-19 guidelines for restaurants, staying sanitary is extremely important now more than ever. As restaurants have started to re-open, we’ve seen everything from menus on sheets of printer paper to pieces of tape over a QR code that simply brings members to the restaurant website to view the mobile version of the menu. This is fine, but not a long term solution. Your poor printer will thank you for switching to a modern solution *insert Table Needs*.

2. Take out the Guesswork: Know exactly what your guests want

What’s worse than when you’ve gone back to a table 4 times to see if they’re ready to order and they’re still not ready? “Ok, I’m not going over there for at least another 4 minutes,” you might promise yourself. All of a sudden they’re waving you over. Even the best of mind-reading-magical-waitresses have this happen. What if you were able to greet your table, walk away and know exactly when they’re ready to order – in fact, what if you didn’t have to bug them at all! What if you received a notification that your table has a question or that they are ready to order and, in fact, have already sent you their order to send to the kitchen? This allows you to be a more effective server, and them to enjoy their dining experience.

3. Focus on Service

Being a server takes a focused mind. It’s a juggling act. Table 24 needs a chocolate milk for their child, but table 7 spilled wine on their white button down on a first date. The plan of action needs to process in your mind in a split second, otherwise you’ll lose your momentum. Where to start? Oh, but wait! You just remembered you never put in table 8’s entree order and they’ve already finished their appetizer. That must come first! But then, what was I doing after that? Mistakes happen, we aren’t sure if the salad was meant to come out as an entree or as a meal.

With TableNeeds, you can focus on service. You can focus on making the chocolate milk for the child and maybe even making a fun design on the side with the chocolate syrup. You can go above and beyond for table 7’s date disaster by bringing over a little cup of soda water and a napkin and cracking a joke to lighten the mood for both parties who are probably feeling a little tense. “Hey, we’re cutting him off, huh?!”

Oh and table 8? They were able to put their order in themselves. You can now go back to your side work and focus on the joy of serving and delighting guests with top-notch service.

4. Flip Tables Faster, Get Higher Sales

Envision this: Its game night at a local pub. You have 5 tables, all ordering rounds of beer. Oh and not just Bud Light, no. They are each drinking a different local beer on tap (except for that one guy who will argue that Bud Light is the best because it does indeed taste like water). Table what ordered what?! You’re an expert, but all those orders are making your head spin and as you get to the POS system, you’re slowing your turnover rate by at least 15%. The longer it takes for the beers to come out, the less rounds you’ll be able to get in.

When we give the power to the guests to order, we’re allowing quicker service and faster turnaround time. That is more money in both the pocket of the restaurant and the wait staff.

5. Impress (and retain) your Guests

Innovation is key and we’re changing the restaurant industry by creating a new and modern dining experience. It’s been a heck of a long time (never) since we’ve modernized and we’re ready just as much as guests and restaurant staff are. Guests want to be ‘wow’ed. When someone goes out to eat. They want social experiences. We are the only order and your table solution that focuses on creating a social experience. After all, we don’t go out to be anti-social. Let you and your guests focus on the experience of dining out.  This typically begins after the chore of getting the order in and the drinks on the table. The faster the guest can feel they’ve made the right choice and are in good hands, the faster they can relax, enjoy, make new memories, and plan their next trip back before they even leave.

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