Table Needs is redefining the restaurant industry

We believe that the best experience for the consumer and the restaurant and its staff are not mutually exclusive. We live in an amazing world with innovations challenging the status quo of all kinds of industries, but food service has been mostly untouched by these technological advances. In a world where everyone has a supercomputer on their person, it shouldn’t be so hard to get what you want, when you want it, and wait staff should never have to play some complicated guessing game to understand if they should visit their table or not. We aim to solve these and many more problems for both parties while never compromising on the best shared dining experience possible.

Table Needs is helping restaurant owners

We believe we can turn a million dollar per year restaurant into a 1.2 million dollar per year restaurant through:

  1. Increased average ticket prices. If you bring the barrier of difficulty down for a given task, more people will perform it. If it is easier to buy another cocktail, or order dessert, more people will! 
  2. Decreasing turn time. If we reduce the amount of time that we spend on chores like ordering and asking for recommendations and trying to pay our bills, less time overall and more quality time will be spent at the table by our patrons. This will lead to up to a 20% reduction in average turn time, which gives you more inventory to sell! 
  3. Less wait staff required, and happier wait staff. If it took 1 waitress to cover 4 tables before, that same person can now cover 8 or more tables. With cut down guess work and the ability to batch items as they come into the Table Needs system, you will need less wait staff and your good wait staff will be happier and making more money.
Table Needs is helping servers

Any server knows the dances they have to do on a daily basis to best serve their clientele, but you can’t read people’s minds. We give them unfettered access to make requests and be heard. That’s all our customers really want is to know their needs have been heard and that you are doing your best to address it. We make that easier so you can service more customers and make more money!

Should servers be worried this will take their jobs away? 

If you are a bad server, absolutely, this will hurt your chances of getting work in the service industry as adoption increases. If, like I know you are, a good server, then you will make more money and have better job security.

The most important part of a dining experience

Everyone eats, but we dine out to share an experience with each other. The most important part of any dining experience is the memories that are made as a result of impeccable service that you experience and do not take part in. Dining out is about being served and feeling like a special guest. After all, we do not dine out to speak to our waiter. We came to enjoy the company of our loved ones.

The worst thing that can happen in a dining experience

The act of ordering, at its, core, is just moving information from our own minds into the mind of the waiter. From there, that waiter has to move it into some sort of clunky computer system and disseminate the appropriate information to the correct cook. This is then moved back through the cooking line as your meal is assembled from the different stations onto your plate and grouped with your other guests’ plates and everything is delivered. There are a lot of places that something could go wrong in this process, and the worst thing that happens when dining out is a miscommunication that results in you or a friend getting something wrong with their chosen dish. This delays dining times and degrades the quality of our experience drastically. Remove the guesswork and enter in EXACTLY what you want directly into the computer system.

The restaurant industry has been slow to modernize but now is the time

Restaurants are scared to modernize. They have traditionally believed that adding technology into their processes just slows them down and degrades the quality of their guests’ experience. They believe this for a good reason… It has been true. It does not take long in the restaurant industry to understand this feeling, just use one of their POS systems. Their back-office systems are horrendous and it’s hard to make a living if you are always fighting with added complications. We aim to make life simpler for both parties by focusing on simple and clean solutions for the restaurant and improved features for dining out for consumers.

You have no choice, but to modernize your restaurant. COVID-19 has forced your hand. If you do not create a more contactless system for your patron, your competitor will, and your customers will begin to dwindle. Also, your industry is just ready. Conversations that were shut down before they could begin between the tech world and restaurant management are now happening and at a staggering pace. Update now before it’s too late!

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