Just Pickles Food Truck Journey

Follow Pickles’ extraordinary food truck business journey, supported by Table Needs, as he turns his dream into reality. Experience the humor, passion, and culinary magic along the way.

If Pickles can do it so can you.

Opening a Food Truck

Pickles discusses his food truck idea with Table Needs Rob, gaining invaluable guidance and encouragement on how to start a food truck. Witness the journey that led Pickles to food truck success!

Point of Sale Setup

Rob shows Pickles how to set up his POS system for his Just Pickles food truck, and offers insights on pricing menu items and restaurant menu design.

Smoother Workflow with KDS

Table Needs Rob introduces Pickles to the Order Up Notifications feature and KDS system, saving his voice from yelling out orders and making the workflow smoother.

Tech Issues Swiftly Resolved

Pickles experiences the human touch of Table Needs as Rob quickly resolves tech issues, ensuring Just Pickles food truck business runs smoothly.

Who’s Got Your Back

The hilarious conversation among the cooks about apocalypse allies adds humor to the bustling kitchen. Rob checks in on Pickles’ kitchen display system, adding a touch of reassurance in the midst of zombie hypotheticals.

Embracing the Cowboy Spirit

Pickles, embracing the spirit of a cowboy, discusses his dream, enabled by Table Needs’ contract-free support and the best POS system for food trucks.

Bringing the Crowds

As Pickles and Nicole discuss his food truck business, the unexpected crowd gathers. Pickles credits Table Needs for managing his social media and restaurant marketing, attracting customers for his pickle-themed cuisine.

Balanced Flavors, Balanced Books

As Harold helps with orders, an amusing encounter unfolds. Table Needs’ Bookkeeper support allows Pickles to focus on cooking and charming customers while handling restaurant bookkeeping.

Finding the Perfect Partner

In the lively food truck, Pickles seeks Clint’s help while serving Gwen. Amidst the charm and banter, Pickles praises Table Needs’ support, managing the business efficiently with their exceptional POS system for food trucks.

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