Elevate your online presence and get more commission-free orders

Stop paying jacked-up online ordering fees to third parties — it costs nothing extra to add easy, revenue-boosting online ordering to a Table Needs point of sale (POS) subscription. 

  • Eliminate the hassles and inaccuracies of phone orders
  • Automate ordering processes
  • Make real-time — or pre-set — menus, pricing and availability updates
  • Paces order-flow so your team can keep up with demand
  • No contracts or bogus pricing. Pinky promise!
Young female counter-serve restaurant owner setting up her online ordering with Table Needs. She enables curbside delivery. Sets maximum delivery orders in a set time frame. Sets the maximum pickup orders in a set time.

Flexibility at your fingertips

When you enlist our POS solution, quick-serve restaurants and food trucks benefit from easy, integrated online ordering with item availability that can be enabled or disabled on the fly.

  • Frees up phone lines
  • Reduces time spent taking orders
  • Features customized kitchen pacing, down to 15 min increments 
  • Lets guests adjust or reject order times by text

Streamline operations with seamless online ordering

Enable your team to instantly adjust and reflect menu changes; pace your kitchen to prevent order overflow; and disable services during rush times.

  • Pre-set online ordering availability
  • Adjust availability based on busyness
  • Allow extra time for special requests
  • Account for longer preparation times
  • Turn off with one click when you’re busy

Young male hands pick-up order to guest at his counter service restaurant. Icons show parts of the Table Needs user interface experience. The asparagus menu item show that it is sold out. This is what the button to turn off counter pick-up looks like. The screen at the top right has greyed out text that says "Have it delivered. Not currently accepting delivery".

Unlock new revenue opportunities for your quick-serve restaurants and food truck

Let’s connect so you can see it in action and we can answer any questions you have.