Ordering and payments made effortless

Optimize your ordering, ticketing and payment efforts, freeing up servers to engage with — and assist — diners. Table Needs’ POS with order and pay lets you run your restaurant effectively and efficiently even while short-staffed.

  • Guests can place orders from their phone
  • Add additional items or re-order with a tap
  • Communicate with servers
  • Easily split checks
  • Add tip and payment with a few taps

Host, update and market your menus with ease

Open with fewer front-of-house staff while paving the way for happy diners with streamlined, simplified and integrated orders and transactions.

Truth: all restaurants need a helping hand these days. Table Needs is that and then some, providing a seamless flow between mobile phone orders initiated with a QR code and orders taken by servers personally. No app download required.


Whether it’s a quick-serve, one-off transaction or a full-service experience with guests who switch tables, add on diners carry over bar tabs to tables and split checks eight ways, Table Needs makes it hassle-free