Ordering and payments made effortless

Optimize your ordering, ticketing, and payment efforts, freeing up servers to engage with — and assist — diners

The customer — and employee — experience is everything.  Table Needs’ POS with order and pay lets you run your restaurant effectively and efficiently even while short-staffed, allowing guests to place orders, add additional items, communicate with servers, split checks, add tips and pay with a couple of taps of their smartphones. That same, digital-first order and pay solution frees up servers to assist and engage guests, decreasing turn time and increasing average tabs and tips. That’s what you call a win-win.

  • No contracts or bogus pricing. Pinky promise!

Deliver an all-around seamless dining, food prep, and serving experience

Open with fewer front-of-house staff while paving the way for happy diners with streamlined, simplified, and integrated orders and transactions.

Truth: all restaurants need a helping hand these days. Table Needs is that and then some, providing a seamless flow between mobile phone orders initiated with a QR code and orders taken by servers personally. No app download required.

Whether it’s a quick-serve, one-off transaction, or a full-service experience with guests who switch tables, add-on diners carry over bar tabs to tables and split checks eight ways, Table Needs makes it hassle-free.

With it, guests can:
  • Order and pay from their smartphones onsite and online
  • Customize orders, request refills and add items with a few taps
  • Track the status of their order
  • Get notified when their order is ready
  • Flag a server with immediate needs, like order issues, napkins and spills
  • Reduce wait time when picking up orders

Whether your guests wait at a table, choose to chill their car, or run an errand next door while their food is being prepared, it’s their choice. Table Needs keeps them in the loop, alerting them when their order is ready for pickup.

For you, that means fewer staff are needed to take orders and run the cash register. And a cohesive team that’s working in sync. The result? Satisfied diners with fewer complaints and an unfrazzled staff that can lend a human touch.

Let your menu sell itself

Keep menus current and synced between guests, your front-of-house operations, and your kitchen with customizable menu management.

Need to boost your marketing efforts? Increase sales by highlighting daily specials, upcoming events, and new merchandise. Add photos to accompany menu descriptions. And tag dishes with allergen warnings and other helpful heads-ups.

Have an ever-changing, seasonally driven menu? Need to change prices? Or remove availability of sold-out items? Table Needs menu management tool complements its order and pay solution, serving real-time updates to diners and staff.

Ready to kick your POS to the curb?

Table Needs can run your restaurant smoothly — including with fewer staff.

Let’s connect so you can see it in action and we can answer any questions you have.