Join Pickles as he explores Scan to Order and Scan to Pay

Explore Pickles’ food truck venture with Table Needs by his side. Witness the magic of efficient ordering, enjoy the freedom of choice, and savor quality time with your date.

If Pickles can do it so can you.

Ordering Made Easy

Discover how Scan to Order and Scan to Pay streamlines the ordering process. If only everything was this easy.

Order Your Way

Enhance your guests’ experience with the flexibility of ordering. Whether they prefer the ease of technology or the personalized touch of human interaction, we believe in providing a range of options to suit every preference.

Quality Time with Your Date

Imagine enjoying quality time with your date, not standing in lines. Scan to Order and Scan to Pay enhances your experience.

Efficient Service, Minimal Lines

Create manageable lines for an enhanced guest experience multiple ordering options. Order online on your way, pick up, and enjoy. Stress-free for all, ensuring a smooth and satisfying dining experience.

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