Ready to kick your POS to the curb?

Table Needs is the comprehensive, integration-free POS your restaurant, staff and customer experience needs.

What’s in it for you

Increase sales, improve your customers’ experience and help your servers cover more ground and much, much more.

Sure, your POS hardware and software are supposed to work together. It’s their job to handle your restaurant’s workflow and transactions, after all. But let’s be real — do they actually play nice? And do they give you the comprehensive, single-source support today’s ever-changing restaurant landscape demands?

Table Needs enhances the dining, kitchen and management experience

  • Speeds up & consolidates transactions
  • Helps servers assist more customers hassle and worry-free
  • Simplifies and consolidates on-premise and online ordering
  • Real-time item, availability and pricing updates
  • Robust training and support
  • Decreases turn time
  • Manages your floor in real time
  • Delivers a seamless, handheld transaction experience
  • Daily sales reports to inform your business decisions
  • Manage your restaurant from the web or your tablet
  • Provides quick, easy ordering, re-ordering and payments
  • Accommodates diners’ varied ordering styles
  • Real-time menu management
  • Backs up your data to the cloud
  • No contracts or bogus pricing

Confidently handle today’s restaurant landscape, streamlining interactions and enhancing the customer and employee experience with Table Needs

Back-of-house ticketing and routing

Synthesize and manage front and back-of-house operations — in real time.

A digital menu board and traffic officer for your kitchen staff, your KDS is integral to smooth, productive front and back-of-house operations. Without it, chaos ensues. 

But Table Needs isn’t just any KDS. It lets you customize routing through its order and pay system. Then, the KDS delivers orders in real time to the right station, be it cold prep, the bar or the grill — no matter if they were placed online, in-person or were added on.

Table Needs’ KDS also lets you:

  • Customize your display and setup with modern, intuitive features
  • Benefit from modifier-level routing
  • Keep tabs on ticket timing
  • Handle individual and entire ticket updates with ease

Ordering and payments made simple

Effortlessly take orders and payments — both online and face-to-face — with a quick, easy and time-saving iPad experience that’s equally optimized (and synced) for desktop use.

Give your servers superpowers with a handheld card reader that takes orders and payments in lockstep with the rest of your operations. In addition to letting diners scan a QR code to easily view and order from your menu, the system takes whatever customers throw its way.

One diner from a table of six wants a paper menu? A few taps on their smartphone — or by their server — and it’s added to the order and routed to the correct location. Diners ordering items piecemeal? Or requesting additional rounds? Table Needs makes adding and altering tickets a cinch — it’s instant and jibes at every touchpoint.

Table Needs’ modern, simple-to-use order and pay system also helps:

  • Prevent credit card fraud
  • Improve front and back-of-house communication
  • Immediately remove sold-out items from menus
  • Effortlessly split bills on your behalf
  • Keep track of and transfer bar tabs

We love Table Needs! It’s easy for our customers to navigate and has saved us hundreds of dollars per month.

Kevin & Bob Valaika

Shabu – Park City, Utah

Real-time menu management

Reduce frustration and friction with immediate, easy-to-make menu updates and modifications that keep everyone — and everything — in sync.

Easy as pie

Whether you’re a seasonally focused restaurant with ingredient-driven availability, an eatery prone to sell-outs or a spot where items are served only during certain hours, Table Needs makes managing your menu both easy and instantaneous.

The Features

From menu modifications to pre-set, limited offerings, Table Needs’ menu management tool lets you design, redesign, adjust and modify all things menu-related. Need to make price updates? No problem. Have to nix an item on your to-go menu but are still serving it in-house? Updates are as easy as 1-2-3.

Ready to kick your POS to the curb?

Table Needs can run your restaurant smoothly — even when short-staffed. Let’s connect so you can see it in action and we can answer any questions you have.