Check out how Table Needs stacks up against our main competitors--Square, Clover, Toast and Spoton.

Why Table Needs

Table Needs is a real-time, end-to-end restaurant solution, hosting menus, simplifying sales and ordering, and managing payments — both onsite and online. Designed specifically for restaurants by restaurant people, Table Needs is the comprehensive, integration-free POS your restaurant, staff and customers need.

Table Needs vs the competition

Table Needs POS does a lot, but not everything under the sun – and neither do our competitors. Here’s an honest restaurant POS comparison so you can make an informed decision. 

No Contract

When you choose a POS, you want to feel confident that it’s the best fit for your restaurant, your staff and your goals. Even after seeing a live demo and talking through all the bells and whistles, there’s a chance that you’ll find some features, fees or system requirements that you later realize won’t work for your business. 

Table Needs offers no contract plans that keep you in control. You can add or drop features at any time, try out new products and start for free with a customized digital menu. And if you ultimately decide that we’re not a match, you’re free to go.

Unlike competitors who hide clauses in contracts to give them the flexibility to hike your rates on you, with Table Needs what you see is what you get.

We believe in our product, we know it works, adds value, and fills a need for independent restaurants. The product and our service speak for itself.

Free to start, affordable to keep

Every penny counts in your business and spending money just to get started with a new POS can be hard to stomach. Add to that additional fees, variable transaction costs, pass-through fees and murky service terms and it’s suddenly a very expensive first date.

Table Needs offers free onboarding, free installation and competitively-priced hardware to get you started on the right foot. After the initial set-up, Table Needs’ customers pay a set monthly fee and flat-rate processing fees for all transactions.

  • $49/mo for customers whose annual revenue is under $250k.
  • $99/mo for customers whose revenue is above $250k That’s it.

That’s it. No guesswork, no surprises on your statement, no money down the drain. 

Other POS providers start charging customers right away for everything: a fee for onboarding and another for install, plus separate charges for POS, for menu engineering, for the KDS, for online ordering, for kiosks, etc. All of this can add up to nearly $1,000 just to get started. And that’s before you start paying for your monthly plan, transaction and processing fees and variable charges for hardware. 

App store of integrations vs all-in-one solution

Many POS providers like to promote all of the possible integrations that are available when you choose them. You can build a more custom solution by adding a variety of separate apps. This approach takes time and lends itself to folks who like to figure things out on their own.

Table Needs created an all-in-one solution to solve the problems that counter-service restaurants and food trucks face. We want to lessen their burden by giving them proven restaurant tech that will help them be more successful on day one.

Funky shop for sushi & inventive rolls with offbeat names, for dine-in or delivery until late. Located in Provo and Orem.

“I consider Table Needs a big part of our victories and success going on right now… If we had Table Needs at the beginning we would have been able to grow more quickly and it would have taken a lot of the growing pains away.”

— Jacob Chung, Five Sushi Brothers
A food truck located in Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in Tortas, Tacos, Burritos and Quesadillas.

“It’s exactly what we were looking for and exactly what we needed to have on board our mobile food truck.”

— Felipe Vargas, Las Ellies

Customer Service that goes the extra mile

Here’s the thing, many POS or merchant service provider websites are going to say they have 24/7 customer service. But the real question is: What is the quality of that service? Are you going to be able to talk to a real person at that critical moment that you need to? And further, is that person going to be able to help solve your problem or answer your question?

With most other POS companies, you can expect to be routed through rounds of customer service reps, wasting hours of your time, before getting to speak with an engineer who can actually solve your problem. It doesn’t need to be this way!

Table Needs simply can’t be beat when it comes to customer service. From onboarding to ongoing customer support, we are here to help you run your restaurant and we’ll go the extra mile to resolve an issue, fix a problem, or answer a quick question. Every member of our team is expertly trained, located in the U.S. and available to help when YOU need it most. Promise. 

Absolutely amazing authentic, Venezuelan food!! Very clean place, family atmosphere. Located at The Fort in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

“After meeting with Ben and the team I knew it was going to be a great partnership, everyone was so helpful. The team even came out to install my equipment, I was surprised when they stayed the entire day. It’s a great company to be working with. I always feel supported and like I made the right choice.”

—Susan Cardone, Arepa Bar

Restaurant POS Comparison Chart

Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
No contracts Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square Spot On🚫
Flat processing fee Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
All-inclusive software subscription Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫
No rate hikes Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫
Cash discount program Table Needs Clover Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On
Free menu build Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫
Free implementation Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫
Free shipping Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫
24/7 text, email, call support Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast Square🚫 Spot On
Works with multiple payment processors Table Needs🚫 Clover Toast🚫 Square Spot On🚫
App store of integrations Table Needs🚫 Clover Toast Square Spot On
All-in-one Point of Sale Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
Apple pay and Google pay Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
Online Ordering Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
Kitchen Pacing Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast Square🚫 Spot On🚫
Menu Management Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
Time Clock and Scheduling Table Needs Clover Toast Square Spot On
Till Management Table Needs🚫 Clover Toast Square Spot On
Order and Pay Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast Square Spot On
Gift Cards Table Needs🔜 Clover Toast Square Spot On
Loyalty Program Table Needs🚫 Clover Toast Square Spot On
Marketing done-for-you Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫
Bookkeeping Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square Spot On🚫
LLC and registrations Table Needs Clover🚫 Toast🚫 Square🚫 Spot On🚫

* Clover has flat fees if you order from them, but they also work with 3rd party processors who have variable rates

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