Why Choose Table Needs as the Best POS system for Restaurants

With so many options, it really comes down to choosing the best POS system for YOUR quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck. Let’s explore the options

Point of Sale system built for quick-service restaurants

The Best Quick Service Restaurant POS Built to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Conquer the chaos with our impeccably designed QSR POS. Running a quick service restaurant is overwhelming — but Table Needs is here to help make it more efficient, and more profitable.

  • Operate with ease and efficiency with a quick service POS that can handle it all
  • Create and manage multiple menus for any occasion, diet, or season
  • Streamline kitchen operations with built-in Kitchen Display System
  • Increase service speed and reduce wait times with QR code menus and online ordering
  • Keep operations running smoothly even when you’re away
KDS system Efficiency Coffee Head Optimizing with KDS - Table Needs

The Best Coffee Shop POS Designed for Simplicity and Speed

Save time, save money, save your sanity with a coffee shop POS designed to help you and your staff conquer the caffeine rush with ease. 

  • Streamline your entire business with the Table Needs coffee shop point of sale system
  • Instantly create and customize multiple menus from our coffee shop POS system
  • Keep calm and collected with a kitchen display system built into our coffees shop and cafe pos system

The Best Food Truck POS to Increase Sales On the Go

When it comes to growing your food truck business, you don’t have to do it alone. Table Needs food truck POS is designed to help food trucks thrive. 

  • Streamline your sales with the best POS system built for food trucks
  • Serve more customers without increasing wait times by using QR code menus and online ordering
  • Manage multiple menus on the fly with built-in menu management for food trucks
  • Tame kitchen chaos with built-in Kitchen Display System
  • Run your entire food truck business with the Table Needs Mobile App
How to Start a Food Truck
Visual guide showcasing the three-step process of using Table Needs' QR code menus for efficient food ordering. Step 1: Scan the QR code. Step 2: Order from the menu . Step 3: A young Asian woman receives a text message from Bawk Bawks notifying her that her food is ready. Elevate customer experience, increase service speed, and reduce wait times with Table Needs' Scan to Order & Pay feature built-in into the POS system. Enjoy the benefits of order aggregation, automated customer notifications, and commission-free online ordering.

The Table Needs difference for quick-service restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food trucks

We know there’s a lot more to running a profitable quick-service restaurant, cafe, or food truck than just accepting orders and processing transactions. That’s why we built the complete food service operating system and provide free, ongoing training and consultations to our restaurant partners.

Simple and powerful point of sale

Designed Specifically for You

Just like you carefully chose the type of equipment you need for your specific menu, Table Needs carefully designed a restaurant POS for specific types of food service businesses: quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. 

  • First-in-kind point of sale mobile app to operate your restaurant from anywhere
  • Manage multiple menus simultaneously from POS system
  • Built-in kitchen display system that adapts to your kitchen

Focus on Your Profitability

You can’t save yourself into profitability, but you can take an active role to increase profit margins by making smart choices when it comes to your restaurant POS perks! Table Needs offers a variety of programs and initiatives designed to help you boost your revenue and profits: 

  • Cash discount program
  • Sales tax automation
  • Commission-free online ordering integrated into POS

Prioritizing Your Success

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful restaurant than just the day-to-day service. That’s why Table Needs offers a specially curated set of professional services designed to help elevate your entire operation. 

  • Premium business services, like marketing, bookkeeping, and legal filing
  • Whiteglove onboarding and training
  • On-going business health check-ins

The Flexibility Your Business Needs

Whether you’re facing staffing challenges, supplier issues, an off-season sales slump, or surprise building maintenance issues, we know that flexibility is essential. Table Needs strives to be a boon, not a burden, for your business. 

  • No proprietary hardware or expensive apps
  • No contracts or long-term subscriptions
  • No hidden fees or surprise rate hikes

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we have answers! If you have additional questions about Table Needs or how to choose the best restaurant POS for your quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck, let’s talk!

What are your restaurant POS credit card processing fees?

Table Needs offers a flat rate for ALL credit card charges (including AMEX). No surprises, no guesswork, just one flat rate.

Table Needs credit card processing fees:
2.69% + 10¢ (when card is present)
2.9% + 30¢ (when card is not present)

What is a cash discount program?

Table Needs offers a cash discount program that helps restaurants save money on credit card processing fees. How? By encouraging your customers to pay with cash! There’s a few ways we can help with this and our team will help you set up the most profitable option.

What is sales tax automation and is it included in the restaurant POS?

Sales tax is like never-ending homework… that we’re happy to handle! In partnership with DAVO by Alavara, sales tax is automatically collected, filed and paid to your state tax agency so you can get back to running your restaurant.

What’s it like working with Table Needs POS for restaurants?

Here’s our proven process.

Table Needs Proven Process Infographic: Discover, Demonstrate, Onboard, Launch, Support, and Success Sessions.

What kind of restaurant POS training do you provide?

The best kind… Quick, easy and totally free one-to-one training for you and your staff. No group classes, expensive consultations or long manuals that make your eyes glaze over found here! 

What is the restaurant POS onboarding process like?

The Table Needs team sets up your equipment and software, trains you and your team, creates your restaurant’s digital menus and is on stand-by to answer your questions once you’re up and running.

How long does it take to get started with a restaurant POS?

It depends (I know, how annoying…). We have onboarded new restaurants within a few days and others can take a few weeks. It really depends on where you are in your business. We’ll give you a clear answer once we talk more about your specific needs.

Can you help me switch from my current restaurant POS?

You bet! Plus, we’ll make the switch as seamless as possible. Sign up for a Table Needs demo or to talk to a sales rep today to discuss the details.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. We’ll hate to see you go but we understand things change! Since there are no contracts, you are free to walk away at any time. Your customer support rep will walk you through the details to return any equipment and offboard your account.

How quickly is money deposited into my accounts?

Short answer – 1 business day. Here’s how it works: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday transactions will transfer to your business account the very next day.
Friday transactions will be transferred to your account on Monday.
Saturday and Sunday transactions will be transferred to your account on Tuesday.

How do I get started with Table Needs?

Ah, music to our ears… There are two ways to start using Table Needs today. 1) Sign up on our Mobile App (for iOS only; Android coming soon!) https://tableneeds.com/try-now/, or 2) Contact our sales team directly https://tableneeds.com/demo/.

Can I join the Table Needs team?

We’re always looking for hardworking, talented people passionate about the restaurant industry to join our team. Check out our current job openings

See the Table Needs POS in action!

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