Everything you need to run your food truck successfully

Set yourself up for the long haul with Table Needs’ comprehensive food truck tools, designed to streamline and simplify the process of running your business.
  • Commission- and contract-free online ordering for a new channel of revenue 
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) that manages your kitchen with ease
  • Order and pay that prevents lines and helps you run with less staff
  • No contracts or bogus pricing. Pinky promise!
Happy female food truck owner holds food in each hand.

Gain insight into your operations for informed decision-making

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants — Table Needs’ solutions are designed to bring transparency and simplicity to your food truck operations.

The importance of choosing the right technology for your food truck can’t be overstated. With Table Needs, you’ll enjoy reliable connectivity and real-time capabilities that keep your business on track.

  • Know what menu items are selling like crazy
  • Understand which routes or events are most profitable
  • Reveal customer preferences 
  • Track weekly, monthly and yearly sales by item

Real-time menu engineering and management that’s easy and free

Effortlessly keep your menu up to date in real time with Table Needs’ complementary menu management and menu engineering, backed by unrivaled support from our restaurant pros.

Table Needs makes managing your food truck’s digital menu easy and immediate. Don’t know how to engineer or manage it? No worries — you’ll receive essential training from our experienced team. Need to make menu updates? They happen in one place, in real time — at your counter POS, online and for QR code ordering.

  • Tag items with attributes like gluten-free, contains shellfish or vegan
  • Modify items, swap out sides or add variations
  • Add food photos and choose menu layouts
  • Designate and differentiate to-go and on-premise availability 
  • Instantly publish and update menus in one place, across platforms

Young male hands pick-up order to guest at his counter service restaurant. Icons show parts of the Table Needs user interface experience. The asparagus menu item show that it is sold out. This is what the button to turn off counter pick-up looks like. The screen at the top right has greyed out text that says "Have it delivered. Not currently accepting delivery".

Effectively control your kitchen with our kitchen display system

A digital menu board and traffic officer for your kitchen staff, your KDS is integral to smooth, productive operations. Without it, there’s chaos. 

But Table Needs isn’t just any KDS. It lets you customize routing through its order and pay system. Then, the KDS instantly delivers orders to the right station, whether orders were placed online, in-person or were added on to an existing order.

  • Dynamic, item-level routing destinations to expedite cook times
  • Ability to keep tabs on ticket times from anywhere
  • Per-item completion for multi-cook orders
  • Custom display for your kitchen flow

Ready to enlist solutions that work for — not against — you?

Run your food truck smoothly with less staff. Let’s connect so you can see it in action and we can answer any questions you have.