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Serving up success for independent quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks with our all-in-one Restaurant Operations Platform
In a playful illustration of a food truck interaction, the operator is depicted with a purple boba tea head, symbolizing a deep connection with the product served. He is extending a red-colored drink to a smiling female customer, while another female with an orange beverage looks on. The vibrant, unique depiction emphasizes the innovative and supportive role that the Table Needs Restaurant Operations Platform plays in enhancing profitability for quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks.

Restaurants are complex. Table Needs makes it simpler.

As the only dedicated POS company committed to boosting profitability, we go above and beyond to provide exactly what you need to succeed (without the unnecessary bells and whistles, long-term contracts, and skyhigh fees like the other guys…).

The Restaurant and Food Truck Operations Platform That Does It All

Everything you need, all in one convenient place.

  • Simplify how you manage and operate
  • Achieve and maintain profitability goals 
  • Make it easier for staff, customers, and yourself

The one-stop-shop restaurant technology and business services platform made for the unique needs of independent quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks.

  • Operations: Restaurant POS with built-in kitchen display system, menu design and management, online ordering, and scan to order and pay
  • Financial Services: Cash flow restaurant budget management, bookkeeping, sales tax automation
  • Business Services: Restaurant marketing services, legal filing services, expert guidance

Grow with a Restaurant POS that’s Built to Scale

Whether you have one or dozens of locations, the Restaurant Operations Platform is designed to support you now and as you grow.

  • Runs on most iOS or Android devices
  • Multiple menu management works within a single location or across multiple locations
  • Management dashboards for one or more locations

Seamlessly and Successfully Expand Your Empire

  • Technology that grows with you (no upgrades required!)
  • Crystal-clear oversight across locations
  • Transparent, owner-favored pricing and transaction fees (see more below)

Boost Profits with Proven Restaurant Budgeting and Cash Flow Practices

Have Confidence in Your Current and Future Business Goals

  • Achieve and maintain profitability 
  • Know every penny coming in and out
  • Follow a proven path from launch to long-term success

Avoid common management pitfalls and ensure profitability with a built-in cash flow restaurant budgeting tool that takes a 360-degree view of your business

  • Profit-first approach to cash flow and budget management
  • Proven financial best practices to set your restaurant up for long-term success
  • No expensive, long-term contracts

Transparent, Owner-Favored Pricing and Transaction Processing

Take the guesswork out of your restaurant’s finances with our transparent pricing and hassle-free transaction processing.

  • Straightforward and predictable pricing and fees
  • Commission-free online food ordering system
  • Built-in programs and options to ease your financial burden (see below)

Reduce and simplify your financial obligations

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce frustration
  • No surprises, no guesswork, no complicated accounting required

No Expensive and Bulky Proprietary Hardware

Access, monitor, and manage your restaurant from anywhere

  • Skip the time-sucking updates and expensive replacements
  • Achieve a faster path to profitability
  • Enjoy the freedom to operate your restaurant from anywhere

The ultimate combination of flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness, the Table Needs Restaurant Operations Platform includes a fully-functional mobile POS that seamlessly connects with in-house devices – no special hardware required.

  • Robust mobile POS system runs on most standard iOS and Android devices
  • Accessible from any internet browser
  • Use your own device or buy/lease from Table Needs

Get More Customers in the Door

Attract more customers and boost revenue with personalized done-for-you restaurant marketing services

  • Hands-on digital marketing designed for restaurants and food trucks
  • Social media, websites, email marketing, and digital business profile management.
  • No agency commissions or expensive retainer commitments

Attract, engage, and retain customers effortlessly

  • Grow a larger customer base and encourage repeat business
  • Become well known and sought after
  • Increase revenue and profitability

Stay on Top of Financials

Know your numbers and be in control of your restaurant’s financial future

  • Avoid financial surprises
  • Streamline your financial obligations
  • Focus on your day-to-day instead of worrying about the books! 

Take the stress out of financial management and confidently achieve and maintain profitability for your restaurant

  • In-house bookkeeping services designed for restaurants and food trucks
  • Cash discount programs to ease financial obligations
  • Automated sales tax collection, filing, and payments

Start a New Restaurant or Food Truck

Team up with experienced restaurateurs and food industry veterans ready to support you through every stage of your new restaurant’s journey.

  • Establish a business entity and required documentation
  • License and permit identification and filing
  • Guidance through each milestone, from inception to launch to profitability and beyond!

Turn your dreams into reality, quickly and successfully

  • Get up and running fast
  • Avoid disastrous mistakes and legal hang-ups
  • Focus on your flavors instead of paperwork

A Business Partner on Call 24×7

Round-the-clock support that keeps you up and running

  • Reduce downtimes
  • Increase revenue and improve profitability
  • Happier staff, customers, and YOU! 

Count on us as your trusted business partner, to provide immediate expert support and guidance.

  • 24×7 US-based customer support
  • White-glove onboarding by experienced restaurateurs
  • Talk to one person and get all issues solved and questions answered

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