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A Simple and Secure Restaurant Budget Management Method and Technology Designed for the Unique Needs of Quick Service Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, and Food Trucks

Table Needs Inc., a leading provider of innovative solutions for restaurant operations, is proud to unveil its latest addition to its Restaurant Operations Platform, Table Needs Cash Flow, a profit-focused restaurant budget management capability. Developed specifically for busy operators of independently-owned quick service restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and food trucks, Table Needs Cash Flow redefines the way restaurateurs manage their finances.

Table Needs Cash Flow simplifies the often daunting task of budget management while providing a practical and simple path to profitability. Integrated seamlessly into Table Needs’ Restaurant Operations Platform, Cash Flow becomes an integral part of daily operations, ensuring that restaurant owners actually use it and keep it up-to-date.

“We intentionally designed Cash Flow with simple, practical features and a profit-focused approach to make it easier for restaurateurs to make informed financial decisions, communicate more effectively with business partners and staff, and achieve long-term success.”

Ben Simmons, CEO of Table Needs

Cash Flow: Restaurant Budget Management by Table Needs

Unlike traditional budgeting methods, Cash Flow adopts a profit-first approach, empowering users to determine the amount of profit needed for success. 

Among the standout features of Cash Flow are its:

  • guided set-up for revenue, bills, and spending categories
  • user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop transaction categorization
  • direct links to bank and credit card accounts to ensure accurate transaction records
  • reminders to set aside cash for upcoming bills and to meet savings goals 

By taking a week-to-week approach to cash flow management, Cash Flow alerts users when they exceed their budget or have bills coming due, preventing end-of-month surprises and ensuring that there is always enough cash on hand to cover expenses.

“Cash Flow is designed to break the month-to-month planning and spending cycle that often plagues restaurant owners,” continued Simmons. “Instead of being reactive, Cash Flow helps restaurateurs take a proactive approach to their finances.”

Ben Simmons, CEO of Table Needs

In addition to providing key financial metrics, Cash Flow helps reduce stress and improve communication among partners, managers, and employees. With a deeper understanding of their business’s financial health, restaurant owners can have confidence in their business plan and make much better decisions.

Cash Flow is the latest addition to Table Needs growing suite of products and services designed to help quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks operate profitable businesses.

For more information about Cash Flow, visit: https://tableneeds.com/restaurant-budget/

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