Not your average POS company

Looking for a POS company partner to help you to run a thriving food service business? You’re in the right spot!

Founded by restaurateurs and food industry vets, Table Needs is a POS company that creates simple yet powerful products and services designed to help quick service restaurants, cafes, and food trucks become profit-generating machines. The POS system built for quick service restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Increase sales and improve operations with a hassle-free point of sale (POS) system built with you and your unique business in mind.

Not your average POS company

Like a cool breeze in your overheated kitchen…

Founded in 2019 by food-service industry professionals, the Table Needs POS company has grown from offering simple yet powerful QR code menu ordering to one of the fastest growing POS companies in the United States – and we’re just getting started.

Our Future as a POS company:

A world where locally-owned quick service restaurants, cafes, and food trucks are stable, profitable businesses that bring their communities together and help grow their local economies.

How we’re getting there as a POS company:

By reimagining what it means to be a POS company and partnering with our clients to continuously improve and elevate our suite of simple, effective products and services that make running a restaurant easier and more profitable.

Table Needs—A Different kind of POS company

As a POS company, we know there’s a lot more to running a profitable quick service restaurant, cafe, or food truck than just accepting orders and processing transactions. That’s why we built the complete food service operating system and provide free, ongoing training and consultations to our restaurant partners.

  • Designed specifically for quick service restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food trucks
  • First-in-kind point of sale mobile app
Simple and powerful point of sale
  • Manage multiple menus simultaneously from POS system
  • Commission-free online ordering integrated into POS
  • Built-in kitchen display system
Table Needs Filer is the one-stop-shop to file all the legal paperwork required to open a new restaurant. From LLC filings and tax IDs to DBAs and trademarks, plus everything you need to run your business.
  • Cash discount program
  • Sales tax automation
  • Premium business services, like marketing, bookkeeping, and legal filing
  • No proprietary hardware
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Whiteglove onboarding and training

Our Team that Makes Up our POS Company

The team of our POS company is experienced and diverse—from current restaurant owners and managers to past lives as servers, line cooks, and baristas, our team understands what it takes to operate a profitable quick-service restaurant, cafe, and food truck.

Our Proven Process

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Table Needs Proven Process Infographic: Discover, Demonstrate, Onboard, Launch, Support, and Success Sessions.

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