Cash Flow – Restaurant Budget Management

Hit your revenue and profit goals with a built-in restaurant budget tool designed for owners of independently-owned quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks

Two coffee shop owners, a woman and a man, are engaged in managing their finances using a budget tool on a laptop. The woman is holding a mug, suggesting a casual business setting, while the man points to the screen, explaining a feature. Surrounding them are visual UI elements that display key financial data: 'Income' at a positive $39,886.45, 'Labor' costs at a negative $11,960.51, 'Overhead' expenses at a negative $4,065.66, and a 'Cash Flow' amounting to a positive $1,237.79. The image conveys a modern budgeting tool for owners of quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks, with an emphasis on easy tracking of financial metrics.

Taking the guesswork out of your restaurant budget

Cash Flow is a restaurant cash flow management tool built into the Table Needs Restaurant Operations Platform that allows restaurant owners to understand their cash flow and spend with intention.

Monitor your restaurant spending and cash flow with ease

After a simple, guided set-up of your restaurant’s revenue, bills, and spending categories, Cash Flow’s intuitive features and seamless integration into the Table Needs point of sale system makes managing your restaurant’s finances easier than ever.

  • Integrated, highly-visible design keeps your finances front and center.
  • User-friendly interface and drag-and-drop design makes it easy to update and track money in and money out
  • Links to bank and credit card accounts for up-to-date and accurate transactions
Three digital tablets floating against a blue background with abstract design elements. Each tablet displays a colorful financial dashboard interface with various graphs and charts. The interfaces are designed to monitor and analyze a restaurant's budget and cash flow, featuring sections for planned income, shared expenses, cash flow summaries, and weekly spending trends. The dashboards show a mix of bar and line graphs in different colors representing various financial metrics.

Improve financial stability with a week-to-week restaurant budgeting method

Stop guessing if you have enough to cover bills, payroll, and anything else mid-month and instead tap into the power of weekly cash flow management method designed to reduce financial messes.

  • Balanced financial projections based on current and upcoming transactions, bills, and revenue
  • Alerts for when you go over budget or have bills coming due
  • Reminders to set aside cash to meet profit or saving goals

Confidently and intentionally spend on what you need to grow your restaurant

With the Cash Flow spending management method, you’ll spend with your long- and short-term needs in mind while reducing friction with partners, managers, and employees.

  • Categorizes and tracks expenses by employee cost, food cost, rent/lease, system fees, and more.
  • Prepares you and your business for tax season
  • Practical, actionable budget approach clarifies your restaurant’s finances
A creative visual with a person's head replaced by a well-stacked BLT sandwich, standing next to a large cup of hot coffee, both representing the food industry. The person, wearing a brown apron over a light blue shirt, is confidently crossing their arms, while another individual in a matching apron is holding a tablet, symbolizing business planning and management. The image is surrounded by playful graphic elements that suggest an informative and approachable atmosphere. This composition is meant to underscore the importance of a restaurant budget tool for planning and tracking profitability, capturing key financial metrics, and guiding owners towards a more profitable future, as elaborated in a blog post about 'Contribution Margin'.

Plan for current and future success with a restaurant budget tool designed for profitability

Don’t make decisions in the dark! Equipped with accurate financial projections, a balanced restaurant budget, and a solid business plan, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to grow a profitable, successful business.           

  • Captures key financial metrics, like prime costs and food costs, as well as revenue and spending patterns
  • Provides achievable roadmap to save for new equipment, repairs, or staffing
  • Guides you toward increasing profits and generating what your restaurant needs to succeed

Tackle your restaurant budget woes and hit new heights of profitability and financial security

Start the conversation to learn more about how Cash Flow can transform your quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck.