Get all the tools you need to successfully run your counter-service restaurant

Speeding up old processes, our counter-service restaurant solutions save time and money. From simple, consolidated online ordering and payments to a powerful kitchen display system (KDS) and easy, real-time menu management, Table Needs sets you up for success.

  • Speedy and convenient point of sale solution (POS) with text notifications 
  • Commission-free online ordering for a new channel of revenue
  • Order and pay that lets you operate with less staff
  • Seamless, integrated menus and ordering
  • Lets customers skip the lines
  • No contracts or bogus pricing. Pinky promise!
Happy young female owner of a counter-service restaurant hands a togo order to a guest.

Online ordering that puts flexibility at your fingertips

Add commission-free to-go ordering to your offerings without compromising profitability and without starting a separate operation.

  • Frees up phone lines
  • Reduces time spent taking orders
  • Customized kitchen pacing, down to 15 min increments 
  • Lets guests adjust or reject order times by text

Expedited order and pay for an improved customer experience

Efficiently run your counter-service restaurant, streamlining service, even with less staff. Guests simply order from their smartphones, add additional items, split checks and add tips with a few taps. Then, they receive a notification when their order is ready.

  • No contracts and no commission
  • Drive revenue and cut costs with an all-in-one solution
  • Accommodate more guests and orders
  • Get a mobile kiosk that lets customers skip lines
  • Maintain quality — even with less staff
  • Boost ticket averages with digital menu engineering
  • Enjoy robust training, service and support

Regain control of your kitchen with the help of Table Needs’ kitchen display system

A digital menu board and traffic officer for your kitchen staff, your kitchen display system (KDS) is integral to smooth, productive front and back-of-house operations. But Table Needs isn’t just any KDS. It lets you customize routing through its order and pay system. Then, the KDS delivers orders in real time to the right station, whether the order was placed online or in-person.

  • Dynamic, item-level routing destinations to expedite cook times
  • Ability to keep tabs on ticket times from anywhere
  • Per-item completion for multi-cook orders
  • Custom display for your kitchen flow

Ready to enlist a counter-service restaurant solution that works for — not against — you?

Table Needs can help run your counter-serve restaurant smoothly. That includes with less staff. Let’s connect so you can see it in action and we can answer any questions you have.