Get everyone on the same page with online ordering

Drive revenue and save money with commission-free online ordering

Online ordering is essential to running a successful, independent restaurant. It’s also critical to navigating today’s dining landscape. 

For customers, online ordering is a simplified, more efficient way to order ASAP or place orders ahead. It’s also an effortless way to tip and pay. Meanwhile, it streamlines your restaurant’s operations, eliminating busy signals from phone orders, automating ordering processes, and allowing you to make real-time — or pre-set — adjustments to menus, pricing, and availability. At the same time, it paces the order-flow so your team can keep up with demand.

  • No contracts or bogus pricing. Pinky promise!

Table Needs online ordering puts flexibility at your fingertips

Used as a standalone; with our comprehensive, plug-and-play POS solution; or works alongside an existing POS, our next-gen online ordering solution delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

Among Table Needs’ future-forward restaurant technology tools, our proprietary online ordering solution helps you do more with less. It works effortlessly with our other plug-and-play solutions, which can be easily enabled or disabled on the fly.

You can also use it as a  standalone tool that:
  • Supports contactless ordering
  • Frees up phone lines
  • Automates the ordering process
  • Reduces time spent taking orders
  • Makes menu and price adjustments in real-time
  • Customize kitchen pacing, down to 15 min increments
  • Lets patrons schedule orders online or by phone
  • Lets guests adjust or reject order times by text
  • Integrates seamlessly with your Table Needs POS
  • Works as a side-by-side with your existing POS

Table Needs Online ordering empowers employees and improves operations

Sync overall front and back operations to improve the operational experience for your team as a whole.

Maximize front and back-of-house operations with the online ordering solution from Table Needs. It lets your team instantly adjust and reflect menu changes; pace your kitchen to prevent order overflow; and disable services during rush times at will.

The tools also let you:
  • Pre-set online ordering availability
  • Adjust availability based on how busy you are
  • Allow extra time for special requests
  • Account for longer preparation times
  • Turn off with one click when you’re busy 

With it, your restaurant can deliver on a promise. It can foster employee satisfaction, with fewer disgruntled diners. It can also improve the diner experience since what customers see is what they get — hot, fresh, and exactly when told.

More affordable and easier to setup than our competitors.

Our online ordering solution unlocks new revenue opportunities while streamlining and empowering your kitchen.

Let’s connect so you can see it in action and we can answer any questions you have.