As a brand, we’re dedicated to the success of quick service restaurants and food trucks. Our flexible, tailored restaurant technology tools streamline operations while helping establishments do more with less. It all starts with our digital menu offering, which lets you put your best face forward with modern, highly tailorable features that can be updated and modified as you see fit — with little effort.

At a time when supply chain issues are wreaking havoc on ingredient pricing and availability, our digital menu helps ensure your offerings are up to date. In addition to letting you design, redesign, adjust and modify your menus hassle-free, it makes it easy to modify menu items, swap sides or add variations (a.k.a. modifiers). 

Get diner feedback that a certain component doesn’t jibe? You can tweak and perfect the dish, à la minute. 

Need to add new menu sections? No problem. Simply drag and drop them where they belong and the update is instantly made from a single source. 

Table Needs’ integrative approach publishes and updates changes everywhere, at once, in real-time. That includes not just your on-site lunch, dinner, and late-night menus, but also your pick-up and curbside menus when ordered from online.

Menu management tools make it easy to:

Digging deeper, you can showcase dishes visually by adding photos, and you can designate and differentiate to-go and on-premise item availability. You can even set controls for when the availability of a dish runs out — and notate when something is running low to generate interest (and FOMO). As for food allergies, dishes can be quickly tagged with designations like peanut-free, vegan, or gluten-free. 

With Table Needs, your menu is tied to your POS, your online menu, and more. Should you opt to take things to the next level, you’re already set up for additional plug-and play-features. For example, you can send and route online orders from your linked, integrated website menu. You’re also empowered as the menu engineer, designing the menu and able to analyze what is performing best, as well as push items you’d like to sell. 

Why does this matter so much? With Table Needs, what guests see is exactly what they get, both when dining in or taking out. That means happier customers and less food waste at a time when margins are slimmer than ever. 

Agile, robust features like these help owner-operators navigate today’s ever-changing dining landscape efficiently and stress-free, while keeping your customers, kitchen, and servers on the same page. That plays a significant role in boosting revenue, increasing satisfaction, and maximizing your ROI.

Want to learn more about Table Needs offerings or ready to take the next step by trying our complimentary digital menu? Let’s talk. Looking for industry insights and tips on running your business efficiently, with less? Check out additional posts — and keep up to date with tips and industry trends — our blog.

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