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This is the third in a 5-part series: 

  1. What Is a Kitchen Display System?
  2. Who Uses a Kitchen Display System?
  3. When Should You Get a Kitchen Display System?
  4. Where Should You Put Your Kitchen Display System?
  5. How Does a Kitchen Display System Work?

For quick service restaurant owners, coffee shop owners, and staff who need to improve order accuracy, streamline operations, and increase profitability, a kitchen display system is the answer you’re looking for.

What is a Kitchen Display System?

At its core, a Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a smart screen hoisted in your restaurant or coffee shop’s kitchen that displays each order’s details, such as items, modifications, status, and more. Think of it like an inhouse project manager whose sole purpose is to get orders out fast and accurately.

More than just an order tracking system, a KDS makes sure that your front of house, back of house, and back office are all on the same page, which increases staff satisfaction, organizational efficiency, and data collection essential for reports.

When Should You Get a Kitchen Display System?

As an owner who’s just getting started with running a quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck, you have to be selective about what kind of equipment, technology, and services you need. For starters, you probably don’t need every fancy bell and whistle on the market, plus the cost is likely out of reach in the early days. 

However, if you’re finding that your kitchen is constantly overwhelmed, you’re having trouble keeping track of all your orders, or you need to figure out how to sell more in less time, it’s high-time for a kitchen display system. 

Tame Kitchen Chaos with a Kitchen Display System

Restaurant kitchens are notorious for being loud, chaotic, and high stress – but it does’t have to be that way! If you find that your kitchen is constantly overwhelmed, a kitchen display system will help to streamline how orders are handled and create a calmer environment. 

When using a kitchen display system to streamline your restaurant kitchen, you’ll find that not only is it a less stressful environment, but that orders are coming out faster, more accurate, and generally BETTER. 

Why? Because without all the chaos of juggling a dozen orders and yelling for status updates, your staff can better focus on the task at hand – creating delicious food.

Improve Order Tracking and Execution with Kitchen Display System

Once you start offering multiple ways to order, like online ordering, QR code ordering, and drive-thru ordering in addition to orders placed at your main counter and register, keeping track of all those tickets is tough. 

When using a kitchen display system built into your point of sale system, every order will aggregate into one place – no matter where it originates – then display detailed ticket information onto a central screen in your kitchen. 

From there, you can track the status of every order from start to finish, and even automatically send your customers a text when their orders are ready. 

Reduce Ticket Times with a Kitchen Display System

If you find that your kitchen is frequently at capacity (or exceeding it) then it’s time to look into a kitchen display system. As mentioned above, by reducing all the chaos that comes with manually tracking and fulfilling orders, a kitchen display system will make your kitchen more efficient. 

In addition, the kitchen display system will collect loads of information, like ticket time averages, order trends and sales modifiers, and order summaries, which you can use to identify ways to reduce ticket times so that you can accept more orders. 

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