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For quick service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks ready to increase service speed, accuracy, and profitability, a kitchen display system is a natural next step. 

This is the first in a 5-part series: 

  1. What Is a Kitchen Display System?
  2. Who Uses a Kitchen Display System?
  3. When Should You Get a Kitchen Display System?
  4. Where Should You Put Your Kitchen Display System?
  5. How Does a Kitchen Display System Work?

What is a Kitchen Display System?

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a smart screen in your restaurant’s kitchen, functioning as a project manager. Unlike printed tickets, it tracks every order and displays current orders, ticket times, modifications, and requests.

Beyond a large screen, a KDS true value is in how it reduces friction between front of house, back of house, and back office, fostering staff satisfaction, organizational efficiency, and data collection for enhanced restaurant performance.

What types of restaurants use a kitchen display system?

Just about every type of restaurant can benefit from a kitchen display system, from large restaurants with a huge menu to food trucks that need to stay nimble.

Quick Service Restaurants

When speedy, accurate service is essential, a kitchen display system is crucial to your quick service restaurant’s success! All orders and individual modifications are tracked on an easy to read screen, greatly reducing mistakes – and ticket times.

Fast Casual Restaurants

For fast-casual restaurants with drive-thrus, the KDS maintains order amidst the chaos, as well as keeping track of every order no matter how it’s placed (via drive-thru, at the counter, or online) allowing staff to focus on one task at a time.

Coffee Shops

In coffee shops, where efficiency is key to managing bustling lines, a KDS directs orders to baristas who can start preparing drinks immediately. The system even automates customer notifications when orders are ready, reducing wait times and potential errors.

Food Trucks

For food trucks, operating in tight spaces and demanding quick turnarounds, a dedicated KDS improves speed and accuracy – plus automatic text notifications sent to guests when their orders are ready reduces all that yelling! 

The adaptability of KDS makes it a valuable asset for diverse restaurant settings, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and improved customer satisfaction.

What’s the best kitchen display system for quick service restaurants?

Short answer: the one that works best for your quick service restaurant! When looking for a quick service restaurant kitchen display system, make sure your new KDS meets the following criteria.

Quick Reference Feature List for a Kitchen Display System (KDS): 

  • Adaptable to your unique kitchen and can easily be customized to your workflows.
  • Built into your point of sale system (POS) so that there’s no need to pay for additional software or apps.
  • No proprietary hardware required, meaning you can view and use your KDS on a multipurpose tablet or smartphone.
  • Easy to use and designed for simplicity.

Ready to increase speed and accuracy at your quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck? 

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