How Five Sushi Brothers added a
second location despite staffing challenges

Five Sushi Brothers is a fun, fast-casual sushi restaurant with two locations outside of Salt Lake City, UT. Started by brothers Jacob and Ammon Chung in 2016, Five Sushi Brothers began with fresh late-night sushi deliveries in Provo that practically sold themselves: the unique concept hit the spot with college kids and young professionals craving something other than fast-food. Today, Five Sushi Brothers still relieves late night munchies but also offers casual dine-in seating with a side of Smash Bros video games – if you’re up for the challenge.


As one of the most beloved fast-casual restaurants in the Utah Valley, Five Sushi Brothers needed an efficient and reliable system to manage their restaurants, upgrade online ordering and help them ride out the wave of a national staffing crisis.

Challenge #1: Outgrowing manual ordering system

In the early days, Five Sushi Brothers operated as simply as possible. Orders were received via text message, collected into a spreadsheet and fulfilled by a skeleton crew in a rented kitchen.  Owners and brothers Jacob and Ammon Chung quickly outgrew that manual system (and the rented kitchen) but what came next was only a bandaid. While the new point of sale system was a big improvement, it created confusion between inhouse and online ordering resulting in misplaced orders and unhappy customers. Plus, it frequently broke. 

>> Tired of manually managing orders and applying quick-fixes to a clunky online ordering system, Five Sushi Brothers knew there had to be a better way. 

We needed something better. We needed a dedicated solution and a team to help.

– Jacob Chung,
co-founder of
Five Sushi Brothers

Jacob is one of the owners of 5 Sushi Bros.

Challenge #2: Managing two locations with one POS

Riding the wave of their increasingly popular sushi delivery service, Five Sushi Brothers was ready to expand. However, managing two restaurants meant toggling twice as many orders, separate workflows, more staff to train and double the reporting to keep a pulse on each location.

>>Five Sushi Brothers needed a POS that could handle two locations seamlessly and give the owners flexibility to check in with either location from anywhere.  

Challenge #3: Operating a growing business with less staff

Now with a second location on the horizon in the midst of a national staffing crisis, efficiency became an absolute necessity. Operations had to be streamlined and supremely efficient to keep up with demand but there was no time for a long onboarding and training period. Five Sushi Brothers’ staff needed to jump into their roles right away.

>> Five Sushi Brothers needed a way to do more with less staff – at a fair price. 


After deep-dive discussions with owner Jacob Chung, Table Needs offered a point of sale solution that would solve all three of Five Sushi Brothers main challenges: a robust, reliable point of sale system with integrated online ordering and kitchen display system (KDS) that made managing multiple locations a breeze, despite staffing struggles.

Simple yet powerful point of sale system 

Table Needs POS is built for quick-service restaurants who need simplicity, speed and reliability. With commission-free online ordering and KDS fully integrated into the point of sale system, customer orders are accurately routed no matter how or where they originate: in-person or online; pick-up or delivery.

A young female and young man enjoying sushi

Table Needs made it easier to manage two locations with less staff. It’s very easy to assign the orders to employees and keep track of them. Having this operational efficiency has been wonderful.

– Jacob Chung,
Five Sushi Brothers

Easy, intuitive onboarding & training

Table Needs products and services are designed to be easy to learn and simple to manage. We start with a deep dive consultation to understand exactly what you need to operate your restaurant, then offer in-person installation, set-up and onboarding to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Once we’re out of your hair, the Table Needs customer success team is just a call, text or email away to problem-solve and answer questions. 

delicious sushi from Five Sushi Bros.

Anything that we did not fully understand, we could ask the TN team. Since we had help during the entire process along the way, it took away the fear and confusion of learning a new system! Having Table Needs support made training and onboarding very smooth.

–Jacob Chung,
Five Sushi Brothers

Really awesome to have a fully dedicated team who’s always there whenever we need help.

– Jacob Chung,
Five Sushi Brothers

Neon sign of the Five Sushi Brothers logo

Support that grows with your restaurant business

Table Needs is built to grow with your business without requiring disruptive updates or hardware overhauls. Restaurants can start small and add on features, like commission-free online ordering, cash discount program, marketing and bookkeeping, as goals and growth develop. Plus, robust reporting features help owners make smarter decisions about their business – from menu to staffing to operating hours and more.

Delicious sushi rolls

Table Needs is very simple and intuitive so starting another location and training new employees on our POS and KDS systems was simple.

– Jacob Chung,
Five Sushi Brothers

The reports give us the information we need to improve, make adjustments, and grow. When trying to determine which menu items we should bring to our Orem location, we were able to see our best sellers and which rolls we thought would be good to bring over to our ‘express’ location.

– Jacob Chung,
Five Sushi Brothers

Close up of sushi rolls covered with a delicious sauce


Since switching to Table Needs, Five Sushi Brothers has successfully added a second location and is effortlessly keeping up with both the daytime and late night crowds craving their fresh sushi. With big goals to add beyond two locations and eventually franchise their operations, Table Needs provides the foundation and support they need to continue growing and thriving.

This is Five Sushi Brothers second location

I consider Table Needs a big part of our victories and success going on right now… If we had Table Needs at the beginning we would have been able to grow more quickly and it would have taken a lot of the growing pains away.

–Jacob Chung,
Five Sushi Brothers

Table Needs

The hassle-free way to run a thriving restaurant business

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