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  1. What types of food service businesses need a point of sale system?
  2. Who uses a Point of Sale system?
  3. When should you get a point of sale system?
  4. Where should you buy a point of sale system?
  5. How does a restaurant point of sale system work?

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you’ve likely used a point of sale system. However, not all point of sale systems are created equal – and the way each person on staff interacts with a restaurant POS is different. The way the owners and managers perceive the restaurant POS is way different than a cashier or line cook. 

Here’s a breakdown of who uses a restaurant point of sale system

What is a Restaurant Point of Sale System? 

When we talk about a restaurant point of sale system, we’re not just talking about order processing and payments; it’s a way to transform your entire restaurant business. The restaurant POS system enables you to effortlessly handle orders from different sources, navigate through multiple menus seamlessly, improve communication with your kitchen, and gain valuable insights through advanced reporting features.

Who Uses a Point of Sale system?

Anyone who owns, operates or works in a quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck with two or more employees benefits from using a point of sale system. 

Point of Sale System for Restaurant Owners and Coffee Shop Owners

Restaurant and coffee shop owners need to be able to see into each area of their business, which a good POS can help them do. Your restaurant POS can show you reports of the previous days’ or weeks’ sales, help you run payroll, and make it easier for your staff to do their jobs and serve some delicious food. 

Point of Sale System for Managers

Managers have to make calls on their feet all day in restaurants. With menu management built into the restaurant POS, managers can easily update the ordering options when something changes or runs out. They can also use the kitchen display system to check in with the chefs and line cooks and update wait times if need be so customers know exactly what they’re getting. 

Point of Sale System for Restaurant Chefs and Line Cooks

Your POS should integrate with your kitchen display system (KDS system), so that each time an order is placed it automatically routes to the kitchen. That way, chefs and line cooks can easily see what orders they have coming up, if they’re dine-in or to-go, and if there are any modifications. 

Point of Sale System for Baristas

Like chefs, baristas can use the POS to triage their orders and see exactly what drinks they have coming up to make. Baristas can also use the POS to keep track of mobile pick up orders, so no one shows up without their drink ready to go. 

Point of Sale System for Restaurant Counter Staff

Restaurant counter staff will interact with your POS a lot, so it should be easy for them to use. You can load your menu into your POS so it’s easy for your counter staff to choose each item a customer orders. Then they can simply swing the iPad or kiosk around to the customer for them to make their payment and leave a tip for your staff. 

Ready to streamline your quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck? 

Table Needs point of sale system is designed to help quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks provide speedy, accurate service that increases profits. From owners to chefs to cashiers, everyone in the food service industry benefits from a point of sale system built into their point of sale system. 

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