The tech you choose to run your quick service restaurant is a big decision. Table Needs can help with options from digital menus to comprehensive POS

When you’re running a quick-service restaurant, everything needs to run quickly and efficiently. Your customers expect speedy service along with delicious food – and that means that the business-side of your restaurant needs to be speedy, too!

The tech you choose to help run your restaurant is a big decision. It’s the power behind every order, every ticket, every QA check, every “Chelsea, your order is ready!” Not to mention all of the behind-the-scenes management like inventory, reporting and depositing money into your bank accounts. Chh-ching!

What kind of tech is right for your QSR?

A quick Google search of “restaurant tech” churns up a 3.8 billion results (yes, billion) for everything you could possibly dream of – and then some. So where do you start? How do you choose systems and services that support your particular quick-service restaurant and feel confident that you’re in good hands? 

From collecting payments to menu management to comprehensive POS Systems that do it all, here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Order and Pay

Just like it sounds! Guests can look at a digital menu, place their orders and pay, all from their phones, freeing you up to focus on delivering exceptional service and exceptional food. Order and Pay lets you monitor what’s going on with orders at any time from anywhere and your guests will love knowing exactly when to pick up their food. 

Online Ordering

Stay in control and keep more of your hard-earned dollars by using your own online ordering system. Popular third-party apps and services sound appealing at first but between high rates and fees, unreliable customer service, and spotty interaction with your inhouse system (and guests…), they can create more stress. Instead, swap out the 3rd-party apps for your own online ordering system that fits your exact needs and saves you money. 

The right online ordering also lets you do more than just take orders. The Table Needs proprietary online ordering solution maximizes front and back-of-house operations by letting your team instantly adjust and reflect menu changes; pacing your kitchen and disabling services during rush times. 

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Menu Management

A flexible digital menu is a must these days, which means a real-time menu management system should be high on your priority list. Whether you offer rotating seasonal menus or are dealing with price fluctuations and unreliable supplies, your restaurant needs to be able to make menu changes quickly and easily. With a few clicks, all of your virtual menus will be updated immediately, keeping your staff, your guests, and your kitchen all in the loop! 

“I always feel supported and like I made the right choice.”

Susan Cardone, Arepa Bar and Truck
Ben Simmons and Robby Trione from Table Needs visit Susan Cardone at Arepa Bar at The Fort in Spanish Fort, AL

Comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) System

Get all the features you need with a Point of Sale bundle that can handle everything in your business today AND grow with you. From accepting orders and swiping credit cards to sending tickets to the kitchen and tallying up orders at the end of the day, a POS will make daily operations easy and efficient. In addition, you’ll have real-time menu management, a robust online ordering system, and reporting that makes you feel in control of everything going on in your restaurant. Now that’s a great feeling!

Why choose Table Needs over the other guys?

Table Needs is built for restaurants by restaurant people. Our tech is a great fit for quick service restaurants, counter-service restaurants, and food trucks. 

Why? Because our products are flexible and incredibly easy to use. The Table Needs POS package gives you everything you need to run your restaurant while still being affordable. You can also start small with essential products like a customized digital menu or Order and Pay then add on as your business grows. 

Did we mention that we’re restaurant people, too? We understand what it’s like running a restaurant and do everything we can to help make it easier for you and your team, starting with our one-on-one onboarding process through ongoing 24/7 customer service. We have your back! 

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