The image depicts a cheerful female cashier wearing a grey apron and a white t-shirt, standing at a restaurant's point of sale (POS) system. She is interacting with a customer who is out of frame, evident by her gaze and smile directed towards someone in front of her. The POS system features a touchscreen display showing a graphical user interface with a chart and payment options, indicating a transaction in progress. In the background, the interior of the restaurant is visible with a menu board, and the atmosphere appears casual and modern.

This is part of a 5-part series: 

  1. What types of food service businesses need a point of sale system?
  2. Who Uses a Point of Sale system?
  3. When should you get a point of sale system?
  4. Where should you buy a point of sale system?
  5. How does a point of sale system work?

There are dozens of different types of food service businesses currently in operation, from fancy full service to fast casual, from coffee shops to food trucks, and everything in between. But they all have one thing in common: they need a way to accept and process transactions. 

But figuring out how to do that for each type of food service business isn’t as simple as it seems. Each business type requires a slightly different way of doing things: the needs of a full-service restaurant are different from a casual sandwich shop. 

But how do you know what kind of restaurant point of sale you need? 

What is a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

First let’s start with the basics: A restaurant POS, at its core, is a tool for order acceptance and payment processing. Yet, its true impact is in revolutionizing your entire restaurant management approach. Whether it’s efficiently managing orders from various channels, handling multiple menus, streamlining kitchen communication, or providing crucial reporting features, the point of sale system is your key to a more efficient, more profitable restaurant.

What types of food industry businesses use a restaurant point of sale system?

Short answer: every type! Seriously, just about every type of restaurant uses and benefits from a point of sale system, from large, full-service restaurants with a huge menu to small food carts that need to stay nimble. But, as we mentioned above, each restaurant has its own needs when it comes to a restaurant POS. 

Point of Sale System for Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service restaurants need to be just that—quick. Once you take a customer’s order in your restaurant POS, they can easily pay for it, and the kitchen will be alerted of a new order. Customers can also use the mobile ordering function to place their order online, and get a text when it’s ready for pick-up. No more waiting in lines. 

Point of Sale System for Fast Casual Restaurants

If you’re running a fast casual restaurant where diners order at the counter, a restaurant POS is a requirement. Your customers place their orders and pay at the counter with an employee manning the POS and answering any questions. Then the order zips off to the kitchen via the kitchen display system to keep everything running smoothly and quickly.

Point of Sale System for Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have to move quickly, especially during those early morning rushes. Your POS must be nimble enough to keep up with your staff as they accept orders, make drinks, and hand them off to guests.

You can also enable online ordering in your POS, so customers can place and pay for their order online and just pick it up without needing to wait in line.

Point of Sale System for Food Trucks

Like coffee shops, food truck owners want to keep the line moving and orders coming out of the kitchen fast. Food trucks can take advantage of in-person and QR code ordering, so customers can place their orders however they prefer. Then, your POS will automatically text customers to let them know when their food is ready, so they can swing by your truck, grab their grub, and be on their way in a matter of minutes. 

What’s the best point of sale system for quick service restaurants?

Short answer: the one that works best for your restaurant! When looking for a restaurant point of sale system, make sure your new POS meets the following criteria.

Quick Reference Feature List for a Point of Sale System (POS): 

  • Built-in kitchen display system
  • Included QR scan to order and pay 
  • Commission-free online ordering 
  • Multiple digital menu management   

Ready to increase speed and accuracy at your quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck? 

Table Needs Point of Sale System is designed for quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks with one goal in mind: helping you provide speedy accurate service that improves your profits. 

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