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  1. What types of food service businesses need a point of sale system?
  2. Who uses a Point of Sale system?
  3. When should you get a point of sale system?
  4. Where should you buy a point of sale system?
  5. How does a restaurant point of sale system work?

For quick service restaurant owners, coffee shop owners, and staff who need to improve order accuracy, provide better customer service, and increase profitability, you’ve likely heard that a point of sale (POS) system is the answer you’re looking for. 

But how does a POS system work – and will it work for your operation? 

What is a Point of Sale System? 

When we talk about a restaurant POS, it’s not just about processing orders and payments – it’s a game-changer for your entire restaurant operations. This system empowers you to seamlessly accept orders from different sources, navigate through multiple menus effortlessly, optimize communication with your kitchen, and gain valuable insights through comprehensive reporting features.

How does a restaurant point of sale system work?

You’ve certainly heard of a restaurant POS but how does it actually work and benefit quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks?

Point of sale system for a quick service restaurant

If your customers order at the counter at your quick service restaurant, a QSR POS can help you streamline the entire ordering and payment process. Your customer places their order, and the POS automatically routes it to the kitchen via a built-in KDS system to start cooking. 

Meanwhile, your cashier can turn the kiosk around for your customer to process payment and leave a tip, and then they can get a text when their food is ready! 

At the end of each day, you can then pull remotes to show your daily sales, your tips by shift, and how much profit you actually made—all so you can make the best, most informed decisions for your business. 

Point of sale system for a coffee shop

A POS can help a coffee shop move quickly, especially during morning rushes. Your POS should be simple enough to use that anyone can run it, so your cashiers and baristas can place orders and accept payments if they need to. 

The POS will then route orders to the bar to get made as quickly as possible. Plus, your customers can order and pay online to have their drink ready and waiting for them when they arrive. 

Easy online menu management also means you can adjust what customers can order based on the season, what pastries or food is still available, or what you have the staff to support. By quickly updating your menu, you’ll avoid customers placing orders you aren’t able to fill. 

Point of sale system for a food truck

When you’re on the move in a food truck, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to order food. They can still order at the window with an employee, but they can also place their order online and simply get a text from the POS when it’s ready for them to pick up. 

No matter where they place their order, the food truck POS will route it automatically to the kitchen so they can get started right away. You’ll be slinging orders with super speed and reducing wait times no matter where you’re parked for the day. 

Even when you’re on the move, you need to have a steady pulse on your sales, payroll information, and profitability. Your POS makes it easy for you to pull reports to track which dishes sell best, where you make the most money, and who was on shift for tips so you can support your staff as well. 

Ready to take your quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck to new levels of efficiency and profitability?

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