Offering a wide range of customizable features and flexibility that puts owner-operators in the driver’s seat, Table Needs takes a decidedly human approach to digital-first technology. 

Designed to give you control over the employee, customer and managerial experience, our restaurant technology tools simplify and streamline operations, freeing up — and maximizing the potential of — staff, improving the customer experience and paving the way for revenue growth and retention at a time restaurateurs need it most.

Here are some of the ways Table Needs gives you a leg up on the competition — and beats the other POS systems out there.

Guest-Centric Approach

As former restaurant industry vets, we’re a crew with decades of firsthand restaurant experience. We intimately know the challenges restaurants — and their staff members — face. At a time when hiring poses unprecedented challenges, Table Needs helps restaurants do more with less, all without compromising the customer experience. 

Whether it’s simply enlisting our digital menu or using it as a springboard for online ordering and payments, it’s all about making things easier on you and more pleasant and effortless for restaurant staff and guests alike. After all, employee satisfaction (read: better tips and happier customers) paves the way for repeat business and increased revenue.

Game-Changing Digital Menu Experience

At the core of our product is a singular, dynamic menu experience. We help you build and engineer your menu to best showcase your cuisine while ensuring you can easily update your offerings and automate item availability.

At a time when the restaurant industry is plagued by supply chain issues, designing an alluring and reliable menu that accounts for today’s unpredictability is priceless. 

Unable to get a key ingredient? Updating your menu — a single, consolidated menu — is a cinch. Table Needs lets you effortlessly update menus when creating or modifying dishes on the fly.

Running low on a dish? With pre-set features, you don’t have to do a thing once your menu and availability parameters are in place — when it runs out, the dish will automatically be removed in real-time. That means no more customers showing up to a swapped-out dish they’re not satisfied with. And no added food waste or need to remake orders on account of that fact. 

Have to alter pricing due to an unexpected rise in ingredient prices? Making that update is easy, too. With Table Needs, customers see what they can get, free of false expectations, and you’ll have the ability to consistently deliver on their requests. 

Flexible Entry Points

Sometimes you want the whole enchilada, other times just a taste. Our restaurant technology tools put you in control of the decision-making. When you enlist Table Needs, you can start small — say, with a digital menu that saves on printing costs. Then, you can build the experience from there, later including take-out, pick-up or delivery; utilizing our reporting capabilities; benefitting from online ordering and/or order and pay; taking advantage of menu engineering; and opting to utilize its full POS.

Letting you turn on and off features that suit you, our service is tailored to your individual needs. 

Designed for Small Restaurants

Built by a team of tech-minded, industry workers, we know what it’s like not only to run a small business, but also the challenges you face working in — and running — a small, mom and pop restaurant.

Our proprietary software and hardware tools feature simple, clear pricing, with features designed to streamline the daily operations of more intimate restaurants, whether you offer a counter-serve or food truck dining experience. 

With a focus on maximizing the assets and staff that you have, our restaurant technologies help you do more with less so your servers can cover more ground; things run smoothly, even with less staff; and your front and back of house run in lock-step to deliver a stellar customer experience that in turn improves your staff members days and the service your customers receive.

No Contract or Set-Up Fees

Nothing is worse than being told one thing and actually getting another. Unlike other POS systems, our restaurant partners know exactly what they’ll get and what they’ll pay, free of vendor lock-in and unexpected transaction fees.

In line with our flexible approach, we include set-up, training and support. And it’s all obligation-free. We don’t lock you into a contract. You can change your service offerings, upgrade, reduce or cancel at any time. 

In short, what we say and what you see is exactly what you get.

Dedicated Support

With Table Needs, you receive the support of a success representative, there to support you, oversee training, answer questions and help troubleshoot, every step of the way. They’ll also ensure you and your team are confident in using our restaurant technologies so there’s no downtime, confusion or frustration spent figuring things out. We make sure you’re ready to roll, right out of the box.

Need extra help? Our U.S.-based tech support is here to help and you won’t wait hours to speak to a representative. We provide our partners with multiple U.S.-based communication channels, letting you reach us by text, email and phone.

Complimentary Installation and Menu Set-Up

You won’t have to figure things out on your own. Whether you utilize straight-up order and pay or choose our full suite of services, Table Needs installation and menu set-up is complimentary. Why? We want to ensure your transition is seamless, effective and free of complication. We make sure you can hit the ground running, providing the employee and customer experiences that give you a leg up on the competition, foster happy customers and generate repeat business. 

Are you tired of your legacy POS not offering the features you need to operate in the current restaurant landscape? Do you lack the agility and robust solutions to tackle this moving target head on? With Table Needs, you have a clear path to smoothly run operations, save on the cost of printing menus and better retain staff given our tools set them up for better tips and service success. 

If you want to start small, our restaurant technologies can be that. Should you wish to overhaul your existing system straightaway, we can make that happen, too. At the foundation of Table Needs is you — in control, with the flexibility you need to excel and adapt to today’s dynamic dining industry.

Learn more about Table Needs and the industry at large on our blog. Ready to take the next step? We’re here to help with that, too, so let’s talk.

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