Given a point of sale (POS) system takes payments — and can collect all your inventory, sales and customer data —  it’s a crucial part of a business, to say the least. Not only can it potentially assist with inventory management, a POS system also may automate time-consuming manual tasks while eliminating the margin of (human) error.

Additionally, some POS systems go so far as to manage your customers and employees and simplify, streamline and expedite payment processes for a better customer experience. Others even provide real-time reports that lend visibility for informed decision-making.

However, not all POS systems are created equal.  Here are some ways Table Needs beats the competition.

Table Needs POS Saves Time and Frustration

Typically, POS systems require a lot of tinkering, managing and problem-solving. Beyond just taking payments, there’s online ordering, menu management and any number of integrated tools that are prone to “breakdown.” In the event something goes awry, individual vendors must be contacted to set things straight, never mind the fact that those multiple integrations get costly. In the meantime, you have downtime and frustration among managers, staff and customers ensue.

Table Needs is the single software and hardware solution with everything you need baked in.

Table Needs POS Improves the Customer — and Employee — Experience

Table Needs POS lets you cover more ground with less — a necessity given the industry-wide staffing shortages. By automating and digitizing the ordering, payment, menu engineering and menu management components of your business, you can deliver a positive experience that benefits your team and customers alike.

Whether it’s quick-serve, a one-off transaction or a full-service experience with guests who switch tables, add on diners, carry over bar tabs to tables, and split checks eight ways, Table Needs makes it hassle-free. It does the work for you, resulting in less harried servers and crabby customers. Needless to say, happy customers mean better tips, which improves employee satisfaction and, by virtue, retention.

Table Needs Helps You Do More with Fewer Staff

Providing a seamless flow between mobile phone orders initiated with a QR code and orders taken by servers personally, there’s no app download required when you enlist Table Needs.

By allowing guests to place orders, add additional items, communicate with servers, split checks, add tips, flag a server, and pay via a couple of taps of their smartphones, Table Needs POS empowers customers, putting the experience in their hands and taking the pressure off your staff.

Meanwhile, its order and pay features optimize your ordering, ticketing and payment efforts, freeing up servers to engage with — and assist — diners.

Table Needs Syncs Front and Back-of-House Operations

Table Needs isn’t just any KDS. It lets you customize routing through its order and pay system. Then, the KDS delivers orders in real time to the right station, be it cold prep, the bar or the grill — no matter if they were placed online, in-person or were added on.

A fringe benefit? Better communication between the back and front-of-house. And because everything happens in real-time, there’s no time lag in that communication, even when it comes to menu updates and customer additions or changes after an order is placed.

Supply chain issues got you down? Whether it’s low availability, running out of a dish or the unavailability of ingredients, which demand menu updates on the fly, Table Needs tackles it all in a single, integrated source.

And when everything works like a well-oiled machine, staff, customers and management are happier all around.

Table Needs Proprietary Tools Require No Integrations

Table Needs POS is a comprehensive solution that lets you smoothly manage operations from a single proprietary source — no-integrations-required — saving time, money and headaches.

Unlike the competition, where the need for software integrations abound, Table Needs keeps everything “in house.” There’s no need to contact multiple vendors when something goes haywire because the source is Table Needs and Table Needs alone. 

Table Needs is Here to Help

Worried about the hassle of enlisting a new system? We’ve got your back and we’re always  a quick phone call or email away.

And while Table Needs is digital-first, we’re also human-centric. As part of our service, we’re here to assist with onboarding, training and technical support. We’re also here to answer any questions and help troubleshoot once the system is in place, whether it’s at the onset or down the line.

Not sure where to start? Our flexible, plug-and-play approach lets you use the whole shebang or prefer to turn on and off the features you want to use. That’s true whether you simply seek a QR Code menu or a mix of POS tools that streamline and synthesize operations. Plus, we’ll help customize that journey just for you, based on your circumstances and business goals. In short, we put you in the driver’s seat and lend the one-on-one expertise you need to succeed. 

Have questions? Ready to get started? We’re here to help, so let’s talk

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