Remember the days when having your own app was the coolest and most exclusive thing you could have? Now we let out a sigh and either begrudgingly download an app or skip over the pain altogether. Not to be dramatic or seem so lazy, but who wants to have another app on their phone?! We’re already trying to be better about limiting notifications and saving our storage for more photos of our food. 

In short, we’re experiencing app fatigue. And even if it sounds exciting to get your own app for your restaurant, save the excitement for a website upgrade. 

If you’re 100% certain you have a follower base that is obsessed to the max with you, maybe an app is an okay decision. But don’t set your hopes high for gaining and retaining first-timers this way. 

This is a chart the describes the different levels of loyalty in the restaurant industry.

If you are personally offended because your dream was to have an app of your own, please know I’m saving you a lot of money, time, and quite frankly making your customers happier. We want things to be easy, pain-free and only a few taps away. Your customers want the same. 

When we created Table Needs we had big talks of having a consumer-facing menu on our app. However, we quickly switched from being an app to allowing guests to utilize order and pay for our digital menu by simply scanning a QR and going to a website. 

The beauty of it? Now online ordering and your menu are built just like you would an app… but without the need for downloads, your app developer ($$$), or another tool to add to your list (Yes, we can also be your POS through your menu and online ordering). 

In short, your customers don’t want another app. They want to view your menu easily,  order your food in a few taps, and will appreciate it if it has the design of an app in the process. (Read: Table Needs is a no-brainer?)

In all seriousness, we believe you are important and guests should have you in their hearts, not on their phone in their never-ending list of apps they lose in the void. 

Learn more about Table Needs and the industry at large on our blog. Ready to take the next step? We’re here to help with that, too, so let’s talk.

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