Table Needs' Restaurant Marketing Services: A dynamic image of a young female food truck operator proudly displaying her phone, spotlighting a compelling social media post featuring the delectable limited-time lobster roll. Elevate your food truck's triumph with Table Needs' specialized digital marketing. Unleash the power of engaging social media posts, precise digital advertising, and tailored web pages that narrate your distinctive story and showcase your mouthwatering offerings. Illuminate your food truck's allure and draw in more local business with our bespoke marketing strategy.

Bespoke restaurant marketing services for quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks

Table Needs announced today the preliminary availability of its Restaurant Marketing Services to provide targeted digital marketing services for quick service restaurants, coffee shops and food trucks. Built and executed by food industry professionals, Table Needs’ restaurant marketing services are designed specifically to help restaurant owners and food truck operators attract more customers and increase revenue.The service is available to select customers now.  General availability is planned for early 2024. Customers interested in participating in the preliminary program or wanting to join the wait list for general availability can apply at 

“Marketing can totally change the course of your business from just scraping by to killing it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of just making sure your restaurant is running that a lot of things can fall to the wayside. It’s incredibly hard for mom and pop restaurants and food trucks to market successfully while also being the engine of their restaurant,” said Alex Warner restaurant owner and Restaurant Marketing Strategist for Table Needs “Let us focus on that so you can focus on why you got you into this business in the first place!”

Table Needs provides done-for-you digital marketing so restaurants can focus on doing what they do best while Table Needs works on delivering more customers to their counter. 

About Table Needs Restaurant Marketing Services

Services will include:

  • Engaging Organic Social Media to keep restaurants top-of-mind
  • Digital Discoverability to amplify restaurants on Google, Yelp, and more
  • Reputation Management to encourage positive reviews and community engagement
  • Personalized Email Marketing for announcing special offers and updates
  • Customized Websites to host your menu and highlight your restaurant

With a variety of options and service levels to choose from, Table Needs makes it simple and affordable for restaurants to capture the benefits of restaurant marketing without overstraining their time or budgets.

“Restaurants need to be marketing their businesses in order to become profitable. There’s just no way around it today,” said Ben Simmons, co-founder and CEO of Table Needs. “I’m really excited that Table Needs can now help fill that need in a way that takes the pressure off  restaurant owners and makes a real difference for their business.”

Table Needs: The Hassle-Free Way to Grow a Profitable Quick Service Restaurant, Coffee Shop, or Food Truck Business

There’s more to running a restaurant business than just accepting orders and processing payments. Table Needs offers innovative products and services built specifically to help quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks reach profitability without having to juggle multiple platforms, purchase expensive hardware, or figure it all out themselves.


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