Table Needs vs Clover. This is a Table Needs point of sale station at Vegan Bowl in West Jordan, Utah.

Why Table Needs

Table Needs is a real-time, end-to-end restaurant solution, hosting menus, simplifying sales and ordering, and managing payments — both onsite and online. Designed specifically for restaurants by restaurant people, Table Needs is the comprehensive, integration-free POS your restaurant, staff and customers need.

Table Needs vs Clover

Table Needs POS does a lot, but not everything under the sun – and neither do our competitors. Here’s an honest restaurant POS comparison so you can make an informed decision. 

Technology built for restaurants

When you choose a POS, you need a system that will support your business effortlessly. Nobody has time for frequent maintenance on frayed cords or wonky printers, troubleshooting software bugs and glitches or figuring out workarounds for things like font sizes and selling fractional products. 

You need reliable tech built specifically for restaurants and that makes running your business easier – from creating a great digital menu to taking orders that seamlessly link to a KDS to reporting and more. That’s where Table Needs shines. 
Table Needs provides comprehensive POS and technology solutions created specifically to support restaurants. Our hardware is triple checked before it ever hits your floor, software updates are a cinch and our customer success team is here to answer questions, problem-solve and even remote-access your POS to get you back up and running in no time.

Transparency and Trust

Deciding on a POS is a big deal, and you should be confident about what you’re getting, how much it’s going to cost and how to make it all work for your restaurant. 

Clover works with a variety of partners to provide merchant processors so it’s hard to say if your restaurant is working with a real Clover product or with one of their partners’ products. Pair this with a 2-5 year contract with variable rates and surprise fees and that warm and fuzzy feeling turns cold quick. 

With Table Needs, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, understand how it works for your restaurant business and never have any doubt about processing fees and rates. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, we’ll always be honest and upfront with you and never shy away from tough questions or challenging requests. 

Own your Online Ordering

Online Ordering is essential these days (but you already know that!). What you might not know is that owning your online ordering process is both feasible and beneficial for your restaurant. Merchant Services like Clover handle online ordering but often through a third-party – which means, you’ll be running into the same problems as before with DoorDash and GrubHub but now with an additional middleman in between. Clover offers their own online ordering services, however the processing fees are murky and highly variable 
Table Needs offers Online Ordering that is built by our team and directly integrates into your POS so your entire workflow is streamlined, from ordering and collecting payment to firing to QA and pick-up. Plus, all of our fees and rates are totally transparent and locked-in. You own the process, you make the decisions, and for that you keep more money per order and more peace of mind.

Customer Service that goes the extra mile

Here’s the thing, every POS or merchant service provider website is going to say they have 24/7 customer service. But the real question is: What is the quality of that service? Are you going to be able to talk to a real person at that critical moment that you need to? And further, is that person going to be able to help solve your problem or answer your question?

With Clover and most other POS companies, you can expect to be routed through rounds of customer service reps, wasting hours of your time, before getting to speak with an engineer who can actually solve your problem. It doesn’t need to be this way!

Table Needs simply can’t be beat when it comes to customer service. From onboarding to ongoing customer support, we are here to help you run your restaurant and we’ll go the extra mile to resolve an issue, fix a problem, or answer a quick question. Every member of our team is expertly trained, located in the U.S. and available to help when YOU need it most. Promise. 

Restaurant POS Comparison Chart: Table Needs vs Clover

Table NeedsClover
No contractsTable NeedsClover🚫
Flat processing feeTable NeedsClover
All-inclusive software subscriptionTable NeedsClover🚫
No rate hikesTable NeedsClover🚫
Cash discount programTable NeedsClover
Free menu buildTable NeedsClover🚫
Free implementationTable NeedsClover🚫
Free shippingTable NeedsClover🚫
24/7 text, email, call supportTable NeedsClover🚫
Works with multiple payment processorsTable Needs🚫Clover
App store of integrationsTable Needs🚫Clover
All-in-one Point of SaleTable NeedsClover
Apple pay and Google payTable NeedsClover
Online OrderingTable NeedsClover
Kitchen PacingTable NeedsClover🚫
Menu ManagementTable NeedsClover
Time Clock and SchedulingTable NeedsClover
Till ManagementTable Needs🚫Clover
Order and PayTable NeedsClover🚫
Gift CardsTable NeedsClover
Loyalty ProgramTable Needs🚫Clover
Marketing done-for-youTable NeedsClover🚫
BookkeepingTable NeedsClover🚫
LLC and registrationsTable NeedsClover🚫

* Clover has flat fees if you order from them, but they also work with 3rd party processors who have variable rates

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